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A camel yard

Guest poem: Visiting the Owl House

This poem by Judith Wilkinson was published in the Salzburg Poetry Review. We have reprinted it here with her permission.   1 Approach Descending the mountain road after a long day’s drive through dust lands, we found Nieu-Bethesda as sleepy as we’d imagined it, its whitewashed church – the one she never visited – still […]

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Owl House pictures by Keith Dietrich circa 1987.

The Owl House Foundation AGM: 30 November 2017

Do you have more than a passing interest in the Owl House? The Owl House Foundation’s annual general meeting (AGM) will be taking place on Thursday, 30 November 2017, at 10:00. The AGM will be held at the Owl House Foudnation’s offices in Martins Street, Nieu Bethesda. You can find the AGM’s agenda here. To […]

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This well-known statue is also taken from the book.

Helen’s Rubáiyát: Imagery in the Camel Yard

Everyone who visits the Owl House and Camel Yard will always experience something completely different. Some feel an eerie presence, as if Helen is still tending to her birds and flowers, touching up statues and drinking tea in the kitchen, while others will see the hard work that has gone into creating the marvel that […]

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The Owl House

The near demise of the Owl House

Did you know that the Owl House was almost destroyed and refurbished as municipal offices some years ago? The story goes that Helen Martins‘ precious Owl House nearly met its early end when the local municipality, who owns the property, was looking for a new office building and management considered flattening the Camel Yard and […]

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